WHC operates a wide range of welding processes that are capable of providing a wide range of application materials. 


Plasma Transferred Arc or PTA offers high quality overlays with minimum part heat input.  Due to the use of a plasma arc and the very precise control weld parameters, the PTA process is able to keep base metal dilution to 10% without a lack of fusion. 

wpe94256.gif (77486 bytes)  The PTA process will apply tungsten cobalt and tungsten nickel coatings for high wear and corrosion conditions.  Coatings such as Stellite 6 are applied to large industrial valves for better performance and longer service life.   The PTA process also lends itself well to the application of a wide range of brass, bronze, stainless steel and many more types of overlays.


Other Processes

WHC operates several other welding processes such as mig, tig, and submerged arc.  Welding and the application of hard-facing on the internal portions of cylindrical parts is possible and very beneficial for build up of worn areas.    

Heat Treating

For post weld heat treatment, WHC is capable of treating parts 24 inches in diameter and 8 feet long.  Contact us for specific details.