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Hard Chrome Plating

Western Hard Chrome has been in the Hard Chrome plating industry for more than 40 years.            Mvc-004f.jpg (63337 bytes)

Industrial Hard Chrome has traditionally been used to restore dimensions of undersized parts and improve resistance to wear, heat and corrosion.   Hard chrome's naturally low surface friction provides  super resistance to galling and its microscopic network of cracks serves to hold lubricants, providing phenomenal wear life in related applications.  The variation of applications for chrome plating are numerous; ranging from aerospace to oilfield.



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Electroless Nickel or ENC is an automatic process that will chemically deposit nickel on steel, copper, and many copper based alloys.   Electric current is not required during this process.  The nickel deposits uniformly over the surface being coated, plating evenly on internal diameters, and in all corners.  Close dimensions and tolerances can be maintained eliminating final machining and grinding.  As deposited, Electroless Nickel has a hardness of 48 Rc and can be heat treated to a hardness of 68 to 70 Rc.  Electroless Nickel provides a unique coating combining corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, uniformity, and hardness.

Electro Galvanizing

Electro galvanizing in Zinc with Chromate Conversion Coatings for corrosion protection have been successfully proven in the lab and the field for up to 200 hrs. of salt spray test.  For a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing  method of protecting  components ranging from nuts and bolts to entire valves, choose galvanizing.  

Zinc Phosphate

For a grey/black finish and fine crystalline structure which will hold a liquid corrosion inhibitor, zinc phosphate conversion coating gives manufactured parts surface protection, while providing a great 'finished look' to your parts.  Zinc phosphate also aids in resisting pick-up and galling on close fitting surfaces like threaded components.