WHC Engineering

Western hard Chrome's corporate philosophy has long been to invest in technology so they can lead the industry by providing the latest improvements and the best quality of product.  The Engineering philosophy is no different; the research and development done today invests in tomorrow's product, providing the customer access to processes and materials that allow their parts to exceed previous performance bench marks.

WHC Engineering is also intended to assist the customer in applications, and selections of materials.  Engineering provides follow up on customers' components to determine how further improvements may be gained.

WHC Engineering also wishes to help our customers understand how our coatings and processes work.  If you are interested in our processes and how they work or how they my benefit your operations contact us.  Or for a concise representation of our thermal spray/welding and plating processes down load our quick reference data sheets.  For easy comparisons, they represent a one page summery of most* of our processes, product properties. 

Down Load Plating Quick Reference Data Sheet

Down Load Spray/Weld Quick Reference Data Sheet


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* Quick reference data sheets are intended to provide customers with a concise, simple technical reference and should only be used as a guideline.  Unusual circumstances may produce results not depicted on these sheets.  Always call WHC engineering for advice about coatings not listed on theses sheets or about process/coating capabilities and results.